SmartVision provides solutions for inspection, identification and dimensional control for the Eyewear Industry.

Our products and vision solutions are used to inspect both components and finished products glasses and sunglasses. Sunglasses in particular have been considered an accessory in the past but the importance of the eye and its protection has turned them to an important medical device.

Many things have to be checked in this field: from transmittance and color of a lens to its shape and shade, measurements of components, defects of the material, etc. Main products, that identify at best the optimization of the dimensional quality control, are Smart_Color_Premium and Easy_Tester.

Smart_Color_Premium is an industrial high-speed spectrophotometer that controls color and transmittance of the lenses; Easy_Tester measures transmittance uniformity of lenses and sunglasses. Both equipment could be used either in production, commercialization industries and in laboratories.


Fast Industrial Spectrophotometer for sunlens and sunglass producers

software for spectrophotometer

Innovative Software for SmartVision spectrophotometer

universal standards software

ISO 12312-1 conformity test software


Fast automatic lens curve radius and base meter

Easy_Tester Sunglasses

Automatic Industrial Sunglasses Uniformity Tester according to ISO-EN 12312-1

Easy_Tester Sunlenses
Easy_Tester Sunlenses

Automatic Industrial Sunlenses Uniformity Tester according to ISO-EN 12312-1

Easy_Tester Combo

Automatic Industrial Uniformity Tester according to ISO-EN 12312-1 and ISO-EN 174-2001


High Performance Lens Shape Quality Control Equipment

Easy_Measure video microscope

Handheld Video Measuring Instrument

Smart_Projector48 Automatic Profile Projector
Smart_Projector 48

Fast Industrial Video Measuring Machine

Smart_Projector 95 video measuring machine
Smart_Projector 95

Fast Industrial Video Measuring Machine

Smart:Projector 145
Smart_Projector 145

Fast Industrial Video Measuring Machine