Smart_OptiBench XXL

Smart_OptiBench XXL

High Performance Digital Optical Bench

“Smart_OptiBench XXL automatically checks the Optical Powers of SunLenses, SunGlasses with frame, Masks and Visors”

Smart_OptiBench XXL performs fully automatic tests equivalent to Telescope Method to check Refractive Powers for Afocal SunLenses, SunGlasses and Masks in a short time. This innovative System takes objective and repeatable high precision measures for any kind of Afocal Lenses, including Polarized Thermoformed and Mirrored Lenses, with full automatic data report and no need of intervention by the operator.

In one unique device, Smart_OptiBench XXL performs test on both Adults and Kids SunGlasses and Masks and has a adjustable interpupillary distance. Its user-friendly interface shows a simple « Pass / Fail » lamp output, it complies with the main International Standards and does not need input of T%.

Smart_OptiBench takes complete measurements of Refractive Powers for Afocal SunLenses, SunGlasses and Masks. Moreover, it is the only device which can determine the Optical Quality of the Lenses through a Sharpness Index based on MTF method (Optional) and to be completely compliant with International Standards and European Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

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  • Test Equivalent to Telescope Method
  • Fully Automatic Test with Full Automatic Report
  • Spherical, Astigmatic, Prismatic Power Measurement
  • Spherical and Prismatic Balancing for SunGlasses
  • Objective and Repeatable High Precision Measurement
  • Optical Quality Measurement (Optional)
Model Smart_OptiBench_Pro Smart_OptiBench Large Smart_OptiBench XXL
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Measurement Area (mm) 20 20 20
Scan Type 2 Meridians Scanner or 360° 2 Meridians Scanner or 360° 2 Meridians Scanner or 360°
Communication Interface USB 3 USB 3 USB 3
Dimensions (mm) 890×300 H.280 1130×350 H.290 1130×560 H.380
Weight (kg) 30 26 30
Case Black Opaque painted Aluminum Black Opaque painted Aluminum Black Opaque painted Aluminum
  • Test equivalent to Telescope Method
  • Fully automatic test
  • Objective and repeatable high precision measures for all Afocal Lenses
  • Fast measuring time with full automatic data report
  • No need of T% input (to be measured with a different machine)
  • Reliable measure for Polarized, Thermoformed and Mirrored
  • One Single Instrument suitable for Adult & Child Sunglasses simultaneously
  • Adjustable interpupillary distance
  • One Single Instrument suitable for SunGlasses and SunLenses through easy and fast interchangeable clamps
  • XXL configuration box to measure the Optical Refractive Properties and the Optical Quality of Masks and Visors
  • Complete set of accessories to measure SunLenses, SunGlasses and Masks of different sizes
  • Fast and easy update of all International Standards through Teleservice
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Analysis speed according to required precision
  • Measure Refractive Powers for Afocal Lenses:
    – Spherical
    – Astigmatic
    – Prismatic
    – Spherical and Prismatic Balancing (for SunGlasses)
  • Compliance with main International Standards: ISO 12312-1, ANSI Z80.3, AS/NZS 1067.1, EN 1836, GB 39552.1, QB 2457, EN 174, EN ISO 18527-1, ASTM F659-10, ISO 18527-2, ISO 18527-3, ISO 12312-3, GB 10810.3, ISO 16321-1, ANSI/ISEA Z87.1, EN 166, AS/NZS 1337.1, JIS T 8147, Z94.3, ECE 22-06
  • Quality of the lens check (Optional):
    – Sharpness Index: based on MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) method
Model Smart_OptiBench Large Smart_OptiBench XXL
Dimensions (mm) 1130 x 350 H.290 1130 x 560 H.380
Weight (kg) 26 30
Power Supply 110-230 Vac | 50-60 Hz 110-230 Vac | 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption 2 A (12 Vcc Included) 2 A (12 Vcc Included)
Communication Interface USB 3.0 USB 3.0
Case Black Opaque painted Aluminum Black Opaque painted Aluminum
Scan Type 2 Meridians Scanner or 360° 2 Meridians Scanner or 360°
Measurement Area (mm) 26 30
Software Interface Language: English Language: English
User Management User, SuperUser, Maintainer, Administrator User, SuperUser, Maintainer, Administrator
Data Report xlsx, xls, pdf xlsx, xls, pdf

Smart_OptiBench is the first Optical Bench that, in addition to measuring Optical Powers (according to different International Standards), is able to carry out an assessment of perception of the contrast as required by new European Regulation Reg. (EU) 2016 / 425.

Test Methods indicated by current harmonized European Standards do not fully cover all the essential requirements described by new Regulation. Specifically, there is no indication of methods to evaluate perception of contrast. This feature was introduced for the first time by Reg. (EU) 2016 / 425 :

“Annex II – Essential health and safety requirements

Clause 3.9.1 Non-ionising radiation PPE designed to prevent acute or chronic eye damage from sources of non-ionising radiation must be capable of absorbing or reflecting the majority of the energy radiated in the harmful wavelengths without unduly affecting the transmission of the innocuous part of the visible spectrum, the perception of contrasts and the ability to distinguish colours where required by the foreseeable conditions of use.

31.3.2016 L 81/82 Official Journal of the European Union EN… (Abstract)”

As is well known, harmonized Standards guarantee the presumption of compliance with Regulation based only to characteristics specifically considered by the Standard. Therefore, the producer is responsible for proving that the essential requirements included in the Regulation, and not included in the Standards, have been also satisfied.

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