SmartVision offers a consulting service in artificial vision systems for the control and inspection of the product, with proven experience in the following areas:

Feasibility Study

SmartVision, as engineering company, is able to carry out the feasibility studies of pre-identified control projects of the customer.

Feasibility studies are structured in the following main steps:

  • Express the conditions that make it convenient to execute the project of realization o fan automatic visual inspection system, highlighting the expected benefits of the project and estimating the costs, evaluating related project risks.
  • Give concreteness to the current hypothesis designing the process from the actual state to the end according to customer’s requirements. In particular, it is necessary to verify the existence of an adequate technical and organizational solution based on explicit and pre-defined policies.
Although the content of one of various feasibility study changes significantly according to the project, it is possible to outline the following reference method:

  1. Analysis of the current situation
  2. Preliminary design
  3. Risk analysis
  4. Cost-benefit analysis
  5. Recommendations and suggestions for implementation phases
SmartVision, thanks to a long experience in the field of Computer Vision, performs a careful pre-planning and design, which starts from an accurate analysis of the control application to achieve.

Technical department comes to the engineering definition of the Vision System through an accurate assessment of the technical standards, specifications and designs provided by the client, with the aim of arriving to the production/implementation of the system itself, that will meet the demands of the productive-qualitative process under industrial terms.

This methodological planning and programming of activities leads to an expected and measureable result, which makes SmartVision one of the leading Italian companies in the Industrial Control Industry.

SmartVision offers to its customers technical Teleservice through remote assistance offered by qualified technicians with a direct interaction of related products/ in-line solutions.

Our service support monitors and analyzes the responses of the system through an internet connection and with the credentials of safety agreed with the customer.