Technology, creativity and reliability driven by customer needs

SmartVision technology is smart because all knowledge concerning the check to be performed is embedded inside the equipment, ensuring simple pass / fail output: there is no need of an expert operator to use it!

SmartVision’s equipment guarantee the following key features:


Knowledge is embedded inside the equipment.


Operator has only to read a pass / fail semaphore.


Suitable for any unskilled worker.


Output is not affected by the operator.


Measure is not affected by contact on the item.


Rugged, suited for heavy duty cycle in production.




Easy and fast to use for any unskilled worker.


Save time and money in control tasks & increase quality check rate.


SmartVision is an innovative company in the design, implementation, tools and machine vision system integration for industrial automation

Our tools and vision systems are complete, can be integrated into production lines for systems that include product control checks and perform dimensional and superficial measurements.

The development starts from the customer needs and it is followed by an accurate analysis. With a process of research and development, we produce the solution and we deal with the client until the practical realization of the machine or the final implant.

In particular, we design and manufacture software and hardware which correspond to the specific requirements of our customers.


Tailor-made solutions

We are designers and producers of every equipment. As a consequence we are able to customize the existing equipments as well as to create brand new custom devices especially suited on your specific requirements.

For the custom-made vision systems, we have developed a rigorous analysis and development methodology that together ensure the result expected by the customer.

SmartVision has an Industrial Laboratory, able to perform Feasibility Tests of non-standard applications by simulating the real industrial environment.

Product Technologies

Our systems consist of several components:

• cameras and optical
• lighting
• the object to be scanned
• the system acquisition and image processing
• man machine interfaces
• interfaces with the external environment


SmartVision has very high quality standards in product design, development and production.

All components are industrial-grade designed for critical 7/24 industrial applications, simulating the work in harsh production environments and offer many advantages:

– Increase quality control check rate
– Real-time quality control, directly in production line
– Allow accurate, repeatable and objective measurements
– Improve overall efficiency of quality control tasks