General FAQs

Roughness, Fast and Easy to Use, 2D Automatic Measurements, Productive (In production line), High Return on Investment, Double Telecentric Optics, 10Mps Industrial Digital Camera, Automatic Reports. SmartVision is the only company in the world that makes also an horizontal version and a wide range of FoV with no moving stages.

Cutted applications, die-cast applications, electronics, turning parts, rubber items, springs, glass bottles, plastic items, plastic bottles. The main industries are: Pharmaceutical, Medical, Automotive, Sunglasses, Appliances, Electromechanical.

The ideal target is: small parts, high quality, high quantity.

Packaging, plastic stamps for medical prosthesis.

It is useful for automotive rear lamps, plastic bottles, pharmaceutical plastic packaging, and other industries where there is a specific legislation for the color of the plastic.

Technical FAQs

It allows a higher degree of freedom in the usage of the instrument and better fits the industrial enviroment needs. Moreover it is easier to replace it in case of damages.

The equipment should be considered completed with the given PC. That PC must be used for SmartVision equipment only and no changes are allowed in its hardware and software configuration.

No, they are guaranteed and verified with reference to the entire FoV.

It is possible to find statistic functions already in the provided software, otherwise it is possible to purchase a separate module (QDAS Software Module) to manage this kind of task or to export the data (e.g. tsv, csv, xlsx) to use them as an input for a statistics application.

Yes it is. The Smart_Projector_Suite offers a large variety of types of reports that can be printed in various formats. Moreover, it is possible to produce user-defined templates that can be saved and used as the standard format for the reports.

Yes it is, the software has a dedicated tool, called Smart_Wire. It can automatically measure inch and metric threads according to the Standards

Yes it is, the software has a dedicated tool, named Smart_Wire. This is meant for measuring the insulation cables section according to Standard EN 60811-1-1:1995

Yes it is, the software has a dedicated tool. This is meant for measuring the insulation cables section and and provides the user with its main features.

Yes, it is. The Smart_Projectir series is largely employed in the pharma industry. Using the horizontal configuration and the Smart_Rotating_Robot, the items are placed on a rotating plate and the measures can be automatically taken at every desired angle.

It takes few seconds. The time required doesn’t depend on the number of dimensions that need to be measured.

Yes, you can. Being very fast in performing the measurements and having a flexible software interface, the Smart_Projector is often placed in an automatized line. The ready-for-automation aspect makes the Smart_Projector ideal for quality control in  industrial production.

No. The software is user-friendly and there is no need of a skilled operator. A few-days-training is enough to learn how to use the program effectively.

Smart_Projector_Suite speaks: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Polish, Czech, Rumanian and Japanese.  Other languages can be added by the customer.

If a software problem arises please contact SmartVision Support Team and it will be solved via teleassistance. If a hardware problem arises you can contact the closest SmartVision valued distributor and he will immediately take care of your case.

As the Smart_Projector does not have any movable part, only the cleaning of the support glass is required (approximately 5 minutes per week).

The Smart_Projector is used in a wide range of industrial sectors, such as: automotive, pharmaceutical, mechanics and micromechanics, watchmaking, plastics, etc

In this section we have inserted all the general Frequently asked questions (FAQs), if you do not find what you are looking for or you would like to have further information on the applications, please contact us.