Fast automatic Lens Curve Radius & Base Meter

“Smart_Base allows automatic, objective, repeatable, easy and fast Lens Curve Radius & Base Meter check”

Smart_Base by SmartVision is the first and unique instrument designed to perform accurate and automatic check of lens’ radius measure and base evaluation in a easy and fast way. This device is a revolutionary digital evolution of traditional profile projector. Smart_Base finds the outermost circumference of the sphere generated by the lens and gives the output in less than a second.

Smart_Base provides objective and repeatable measures in real-time. The « Pass (green) / Fail (red) » check is displayed on the screen with a simple semaphore output, without any need to contribution, influence or technical interpretation by the operator. The equipment ensures a full automatic measurement and reporting of all activities in excel and image files.

Smart_Base is a Fast, Compact, Resistant, Static, Easy-to-Use and Easy to Configure machine, designed for harsh environments and heavy duty cycles use.

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  • Easy and fast Load / Unload of any component to be checked
  • Accurate and automatic lens radius measure and evaluation
  • Contactless measure
  • Fast measuring time < 1s
  • No need for accurate part positioning
  • Correct measure regardless surface coatings (eg. Hard Coating, Hard multi coating, etc.)
  • High repeatability and high depth of field
  • Extremely easy to use intuitive graphic user interface for programming and checking
  • Over 2.000 contactless and interpolated measuring points
  • Auto-tracking of part in the field of view (FoV)
  • Ideal curve (green line) automatic overlaps the lens’ image to get a visual feedback of lens’ curve nonconformity
  • Enlarged visualization of lens profile
  • Image Zoom feature to analyze full lens profile defects
Layout usage Horizontal
Magnification No
Field of View (FoV) (mm) 76×26
FoV Diagonal (mm) 80
FoV Area (mm2) 1970
Type of FoV Rectangular
Diascopic Light Collimated
Light receiving lens Telecentric lens
Communication Interface Ethernet
Dimensions (mm) 850×280 H.280
Weight (kg) 30
Case Rugged stainless steel
Smart_Base Software
  • Powerful All-in-One PC
  • Full HD, 1920×1080 pixels
  • Height adjustable & Tilt swivel rotate position
  • Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
  • Genuine Windows 11 PRO 64-bit
  • USB Drive with Backup Software (bootable system startup)
  • Pre-installed TeamViewer app Support
  • Easy to use with an intuitive GUI
  • Camera live view for precise positioning
  • Easy programs recording with finger
  • Customizable setting parameters
  • Real-time « Pass / Fail » check with semaphore output
  • Production autobatic batch
  • Full automatic data report
Reach Excellence in Quality Control with SmartVision’s Technology!