“Smart_Base 可以自动、客观、重复、简单、快捷的测量镜片曲线半径和基表”

Smart_Base 是意大利智测公司研制的世界上第一款、也是唯一一款专门用于准确、自动测量镜片曲线半径和基座评估的仪器。适用简单、快捷。

同传统的轮廓投影仪相比,Smart Base是一款革命性数字化技术。它可以快速找到镜片球面的最大外围尺寸,并在一秒钟内生成检测报告。

Smart_Base 提供客观的、可重复性得测量结果,输出简单的合格/不合格报告。不受操作员人为干扰,确保所有测量自动完成,自动输出检测报告,以Excel格式输出,或输出图像文件。


  • 简单快速操作,只需放入/取出待测零件就可完成测量。
  • 时时录像窗口,快速零件定位
  • 可以手动旋转镜片,重复测量球体尺寸,忽略不需要测量的圆柱体尺寸。
  • 超过000非接触的测量点
  • 高分辨率分析
  • 产品批量检测报告
Accurate and automatic lens radius measure
Accurate and automatic lens base evaluation
Contactless measure
Fast measuring time < 1s
No need for accurate part positioning
Correct measure regardless surface coatings (eg.
Hard Coating, Hard multi coating, etc..)
Real time Pass / Fail semaphore
High repeatability and high depth of field
Extremely easy to use intuitive graphic user interface for programming and checking
PC Device Touch Screen AIO HD
Dimensions (mm) 280 x 280 x 850 mm
Power supply 220 VAC
Case Rugged stainless steel
Weight 30 Kg
Technical Specification

Field of View: 76×26 mm

Static and fanless (except the PC config)

All industrial-grande components


 Main Functions

Over 2.000 contactless and interpolated measuring points

User interface designed for touch screen, no mouse needed (for manufactoring workers)

Live view image

Enlarged visualization of lens profi le and defects

Auto-Tracking of part in the fi eld of view (FoV)

Ideal curve (green line) automatic overlaps the lens’ image to get a visual feedback of lens’ curve non-conformity

Image Zoom feature to analyze full profile defects

Full automatic report in excel and image files

Production batch automatic record file