HW/SW Accessory for Easy_Tester to Check the Standards of Polarized Filters

“Advanced Hardware/Software Solution to Check the Standards of Polarized Filters plugged in Easy_Tester”

Easy_Polar is an advanced Hardware/Software Solution specifically designed by to upgrade the Easy_Tester in an instrument to Check the Direction Axis of the Polarization Filter for SunLenses & SunGlasses according to Standard ISO 12311:2013, 7.10.1

To Check the Standards of Polarized Filters with Easy_Polar is Fast, Accurate, Objective and Repeatable with a prompt measurements at a record speed (just 1 sec.) and also get, thanks to a simple « Pass / Fail » semaphore output, an immediate feedback on the test.

Compatible with Easy_Tester_Pro’s Smart Tools, Easy_Polar is also backward compatible with the previous one Easy_Tester’s (black case model). The feature “ON/OFF mode” enable the use of the instrument in modality “Polar” or “Easy_Tester”. This key feature allow to have 2 Instruments in 1 and Reduce Time & Cost of Quality Control!

Easy_Polar is Automatic, Ergonomic, Plug-and-play, very Easy-to-use and suitable for unskilled operators. The Software interface is Intuitive, User Friendly, integrated into Easy_Tester_Pro and all the results can be print or exported in excel and pdf files too.

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  • User interface integrate on Easy_Tester
  • Easy to use with an intuitive GUI
  • Camera live view for precise positioning
  • Customizable setting parameters
  • Full automatic data reports, Excel & PDF
  • Remotely managing Software Options
  • Upgradability for future Standards
  • Calibration Kit
  • Polarized glass
Main Features Related Benefits
Check the Standards of Polarized Filters Test according to the International Standards
Specifically Designed for use on Easy_Tester Only One Instrument suitable for check the Uniformity and the Direction Axis of the Polarization Filter according to International Standards
Static, Resistant, Compact, Ergonomic Save space on site
Fully automatic test Suitable for unskilled operators
Accurate, Objective and Repeatable check
Measurements at a record speed (just 1 sec.) Reduce Time & Cost of Quality Control
Save Time and Money
Have a prompt feedback
« Pass / Fail » semaphore output Immediate feedback on the test
Full Automatic Data Report Full automatic Production Batch in Excel file
Full traceability of the performed test
Polar Axis Report Polar Axis Report values file output
Full automatic Technical Data Sheet printables reports
Invented & Designed by SmartVision Creative Design, Efficient & Flexible Support
Based on many years of experience in industrial field and lab
Made in Italy High Level of Quality and Innovation
Case Opaque Black painted metal
Dimensions (mm) 245×75 H.150
Weight (kg) 0,680
Power Supply 110-240 Vac | 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption 2 A
Communication Interface USB 2.0
Software Interface Language: English