High Accuracy Lens Shape Control Equipment

“Fast, Automatic, Objective, Repeatable & Easy-to-Use Equipment, Specifically Designed to Evaluation of Lens Shape”

Smart_Shape automatically checks in few seconds the length of the lenses through a master, thanks to a simple lamp output « Pass / Fail », without any further interpretations needed by the operator. It provides objective and repeatable high precision measurements and checks the main characteristics of the lens shape.

  • Automatic evaluation of lens shape
  • Automatic overlapping of current and master lens profile
  • Comparative check with a master lens

Smart_Shape performs automatically the Geometrical and Dimensional Analysis section.

  • Lens perimeter length (Clock)
  • A/B axis length
  • Analysis shape of the lenses
  • Absolute perimeter control
  • Works with clear-to-dark and stable positioning lenses

Smart_Shape definitively removes the uncertainty of traditional measure instruments. It improves the lens edging process control, it increases the statistic process control (SPC), it performs full and automatic reporting and reduces time and cost of controls.

  • Full check cycle and full report output in few seconds
  • Full automatic traceability of all activities
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  • Resistant stainless steel industrial case
  • Compact static equipment
  • Industrial high resolution camera
  • High performance Telecentric Optics
  • Protected measuring chamber
  • Easy object placement
  • Height-adjustable interchangable glass
  • Customizable loading plate
  • Collimated Diascopic Light
Measuring Chamber (mm) 200×230 H.240
Magnification No
Field of View (FoV) (mm) 108×73
FoV Diagonal (mm) 125
FoV Area (mm2) 7800
Type of FoV Rectangular with vignetting
Diascopic Light Collimated
Light receiving lens Telecentric lens
Communication Interface USB 3
Dimensions (mm) 284×330 H.1255
Weight (kg) 45
Case Rugged stainless steel
Smart_Shape Software
  • Powerful All-in-One PC
  • Full HD Touchscreen
  • Monitor resolution 1920×1080 pixels
  • Height adjustable & Tilt swivel rotate position
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
  • Genuine Windows 10 PRO 64-bit
  • Pre-installed TeamViewer app Support
Smart_Shape Dedicate Touch Software
  • Easy to use with an intuitive GUI
  • Camera live view for precise positioning
  • Easy programs recording with finger
  • Customizable setting parameters
  • Automatic master lens profile match
  • Create Model Section
  • Full automatic data report
Reach Excellence in Quality Control with SmartVision’s Technology!