Automatic Spectrophotometer for Transmittance & Color Check

“Fast, Easy, Accurate, Compact, Modular, Industrial Spectrophotometer for Transmittance & Color Check”

Automatic Spectrophotometer for Transmittance & Color Check, Easy_Spectro_RX is IDEAL for Quality Control of Colored Glass, Plastic Film & other Translucent Materials in any industrial and labs environment.

The innovative Smart_Premium_Suite software interface combined with Easy_Spectro_RX guarantees measurements at a record speed (just 1 second) and improves the usability by the operator.

SmartVision provides with the software a Wide Range of Optional Smart Features such as: 3D graphics to check Color Matching, Advanced Digital Color Master Management, Complete and Configurable Production Batch, Data Report in Pdf and Excel format, Multi language interface, Online Remote Support, Continuous Product Improvement and more!

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  • Accurate Spectrophotometer in the range: 355 – 790 nm
  • Very Easy-to-Use with Friendly User Interface
  • Check Cycle and Full Automatic Report Output in Few Seconds
  • Immediate Visual Analysis Results
  • Continuous pre-calibration of the instrument. No interruptions during the measuring cycles
  • Customizable software
  • Wide Range of Modular Options
  • Rugged Equipment, Suitable for Laboratory and Production line
  • 100% Made in Italy: High Level of Quality and Innovation
Dimensions (mm) 460×185 H.55
Weight (kg) 4,60
Power Supply 110-240 Vac | 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption 2 A
Communication Interface USB 2
Case Stainless Steel
Software Interface Multi Language Dynamic Setup
PC Software Backup USB stick containing the backup system
Data Report xlsx, xls, pdf
Print Report Windows installed Printer (optional pdf), xps
Statistical Analysis Ready to connect with SPC software
Online Support Pre-installed TeamViewer app Support
Easy_Spectro_RX Base Mode
  • Powerful All-in-One PC
  • Full HD, 1920×1080 pixels
  • Height adjustable & Tilt swivel rotate position
  • Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
  • Genuine Windows 11 PRO 64-bit
  • USB Drive with Backup Software (bootable system startup)
  • Pre-installed TeamViewer app Support
  • Easy to use with an intuitive GUI
  • T% graphic with color indication
  • Customizable setting parameters
  • Extended User Management Feature
  • Lamps Warm-up Dynamic Control
  • Spectrum Stability Continuos Control
  • Full automatic data report
  • Remotely managing Software Options
  • Hardware License Key
Reach Excellence in Quality Control with SmartVision’s Technology!