High Performance Lens Shape Quality Control Equipment

“Smart_Shape is designed specifically to perform a complete and automatic quality check of cut lens shape”

Smart_Shape allows an automatic alignment, high resolution analysis and free zooming of current lens perimeter compared with master lens perimeter, to identify the location of the differences.

Smart_Shape provides objective and repeatable measures and signals a simple Pass / Fail semaphore output, with no contribution nor interpretation by the operator, ensuring a full automatic gauging and reporting of all checking activities in compatible excel files (csv, tsv, txt), prints (or pdf) and image files.

Smart_Shape is a fast, compact, rugged, static, easy to use and easy to program equipment, designed for harsh environment and heavy duty cycle use.

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  • Absolute Perimeter Control
  • Automatic evaluation of lens shape
  • Shape with evidence of areas out of tolerance
  • Geometrical and Dimensional Analysis Sections
  • A-axis learning from Master holes
  • More buttons to quote the model
Automatic evaluation of lens shape
Automatic identification of lens rotation
Contactless measure
Automatic overlapping of current and master lens
Comparative check with a master lens
Lens perimeter length (Clock)
A/B axis length
Analysis of perimeter shape
Absolute perimeter control
 Works with clear-to-dark and stable positioning lenses
Full check cycle and full report output in few seconds
Full automatic report in excel files and image files
PC Device Touch Screen AIO HD
Dimensions (mm) 282 x 330 x 1255 mm
Power supply 110-240 VAC | 50-60 Hz
Case Rugged stainless steel
Weight 45 Kg

New Generation Software:

• Easy to use intuitive graphic user interface

Dimensional Analysis

Check Section