Advanced SPC Software to Analyze & Collect Data

“Smart_Data_Collection_SPC eases the industrial Statistical Process Control (SPC)”

SV_CALC SPC is a complete SPC package that analyzes the data collected by SV_CALC Real-Time. The wide variety of charts and reports available in SV_CALC SPC allows close monitoring of the manufacturing process in order to stay in control. In few seconds, SV_CALC SPC gives a precise picture of how the production line is performing with easy-to-use menus.

SV_CALC Real-Time is used to collect and display measurement results from all CMMs, Video CMMs, and hand gages without operator intervention. Reports can be created and data can be exported to spreadsheets, databases, and other SPC programs. This means it is possible to transfer data from all measurement devices to any SPC package using one program.

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