Advanced Profile Check Software for Easy & Smart Projector

“Thanks to this software option is possible to automatically compare any item to a DXF master”

Smart_Profile_Matching is an automatic Profile Check advanced feature, which can control any item compared to a DXF master. This feature replaces the use of a traditional profile projector that requires the overlay of a glossy sheet on the component’s projection.

Smart_Profile_Maching is able to perform a very fast check of a profile verifying the tolerances within a given range. Standard applications include components such as punched and formed parts, injection-molded (plastic and metal) and laser cut workpieces, die-cast, extrusions, millings, CNC machining.

  • Pattern Recognition: the system automatically performs the Smart_Profile_Matching no matter what’s its orientation nor position in the field of view.
  • Profile Fit: the software compares a DXF file containing position, angle and tolerance data to a corresponding component shown in the live video window. It shows resulting errors with coloured whiskers and returns the overall profile position, angle and form.
  • Master Creation: the master shape can be either extracted by a real sample or obtained by a technical drawing in dxf format, allowing the Technical Office and the production line to be completely aligned.
  • Reverse Engineering: the shape of the sample can be exported in the industry-standard DXF file format for reverse engineering or use with other software applications.
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