Advanced Digital Profile Check Tool for Easy_Projector & Smart Projector

“Thanks to this new software upgrade is now possible to automatically compare any item to a DXF master”

Smart_Profile_Matching is an automatic Profile Check advanced feature, which can control any item compared to a DXF master. This feature replaces the use of a traditional profile projector that requires the overlay of a glossy sheet on the component’s projection.

Smart_Profile_Maching is able to perform a very fast check of a profile verifying the tolerances within a given range. Standard applications include components such as punched and formed parts, injection-molded (plastic and metal) and laser cut workpieces, die-cast, extrusions, millings, CNC machining.

  • Automatic: by selecting the “Auto Strand” button and clicking on an edge of the insulation sample, the System determines the number of strands automatically.
  • Distance Results Mode: if the Distances Mode button is enabled, the Software automatically displays and creates every distance between strands and edges during the regular insulation measurement. It also determines the minimum, maximum and average distance between strands and edges within the insulation profile.
  • Fixed-Strands Measurement: when the wire sections is blurry the number of strands can be manually specified by choosing one of six different strand count selections.
  • Optional Software Multi device: available for Easy_Projector & Smart_Projector
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