UV & Visible Photochromic Lens Activator

“Smart_PhotoChromicActivator is a easy and smart turnkey solution for UV & Visible Photochromic Lens Activation”

The Smart_PhotoChromicActivator is a Photochromic Lenses activator equivalent to the standard method, suitable to activate lenses of different shapes.

Extremely easy-to-use and Fully Programmable, the intuitive touch screen user-interface allows the employment of unskilled workers for in-line control and incoming inspection.

The Smart_PhotoChromicActivator is a Compact and Resistant Stand-alone device. No pc or additional external control units are required.

The Activation Chamber protects the operator from ROA and the interlock system stops the activation process if the door is open. An acoustic signal indicates the end of process.

The Smart_PhotoChromicActivator is ideal for the accurate and complete control of transmittance properties according to International Standards, combined with Smart_Color_Premium, Fast Industrial Spectrophotometer for SunLenses and SunGlasses producers.

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Main Features Related Benefits
Photochromic Lens Activation on UV + Visible Spectral Range Lens gets the real color of activated state (Cheap UV Activators doesn’t get the real color and they are not International Standard compliant)
Properly activates new photochromic lenses activated by visible light
Light Activation Spectral Range in accordance to the International Standards Photochromic International Standard Test is more accurate than with cheap UV activators
High Uniformity of Activated Area Easier visual inspection and more accurate instrument measuring
Embedded Microprocessor Controller No PC needed to operate
Software / Features Upgrade Capability
Embedded Color Touch Screen Display Easy-to-use & to read Graphic User Interface
No Keyboard needed
Adjustable Activation Time (Protected by Password) Allows a wide range of applications
Adjustable Light Power Density (Protected by Password) Allows a wide range of applications
Upper housing door for Lens under test with Closing Sensor, inter-rupt emission when open Device Safe for the Operator
Beeper Acoustic Signal for Operator
Rugged, Static, Fanless Can be used in any industrial environment
Easy-to-use Save time & money
Suitable for unskilled operators
Compact Save space
Invented & Designed by SmartVision Creative Design, Efficient & Flexible Support
Made in Italy High Level of Quality and Innovation
Spectral Range of operation 280 – 780 nm.
Average lifetime of Lamp 3500 hours
Activation area Ø 20 mm
Activation chamber Dimensions: 90×90 H.13 mm
Case Black Opaque painted Anodized Aluminum Case
Dimensions 150×230 H.155 mm
Weight 2 kg
Power supply & consumption 110-230 Vac | 50-60 Hz | 2 A (12 Vcc Included)
Integrated Monitor Touchscreen 5″
Interface Language English

User-friendly Software Interface: Configuration mode

User-friendly Software Interface: Activation mode