Fast Industrial Spectrophotometer for Sunlens and Sunglasses

“Smart_Color_Premium allows automatic, objective, easy & fast Color difference and International Standard compliance tests”

The New Smart_Color_Premium is the unique evolution of spectrophotometers, specifically designed and optimized for sunglasses and sun lenses quality controls. The improved interface is designed to better ensure the usability by the operator and the modern development language of its software guarantees speed record measurements (1 second only).

Smart_Color_Premium checks the transmittance properties according to all updated International Standards and the Color Differences compared to a master lens. Thanks to a simple Pass/Fail semaphore output, with no infl uence by the operator and no requirements of specifi c skills to perform the tests. New extended user management features allow an easier management of production quality controls.

The innovative design of the equipment allows fast and firm grip and accurate positioning of Sunlenses, Masks, Goggles, Safety Glasses and Mounted Eyeglasses, without dismount nor cut the lenses to fi t the device. The new optional “Y Z Alignment tool” ensures accurate and repetitive positioning.

Smart_Color_Premium is a fast, compact, rugged, accurate and extremely easy to use equipment, designed for hard industrial environment and heavy duty cycle use and intended for any unskilled worker.

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  • User Friendly Interface
  • Extended User Management
  • New Diagnostic Controls
  • New Color + Function
  • Continuous Auto-Calibration
  • International ISO Standard
  • Polarizing conformity check
  • Embeds all the updated knowledge about Color differences tests and International Standards
  • Perform full and automatic reporting
  • Eliminates the subjectivity of operator-based visual controls
  • Allows to increase number of items checked and the SPC
  • Improves incoming and outgoing quality of plastic and clear items
  • Reduces time and costs of quality controls
Dimensions (mm) 570 x 160 x 110 mm (lateral knobs included)
Weight (kg) 6 kg (excluding PC)
Power supply 110-240 Vac | 50-60 Hz
Power consumption 2 A (12 Vcc Included)
Communication interface USB 2.0
Case Black Opaque painted Anodized Aluminum Case
Technical Specification
  • Complete check of transmittance proprieties according to ISO 12312-1; ANSI Z80.3; AS/NZS 1067
  • Options: EN 1836; GB 10810.3 & QB 2457-99; EN 174; Uniformity; Photocromatic; Polarizing, Glasses,
    ColorPlus, SkiGoggle
  • Transmittance / Spectral Transmittance
  • Filter category
  • UV transmittance
  • Q factors
  • Signal light recognition for incandescent light (option led light)
  • Check cycle and full report output in less than 1 second
  • Measurement range 280 – 780 nm
  • Complete check of color differences ΔE, L*, a*, b* and transmittance
  • CIELAB 1976, CIELAB 1994, CIELAB 2000, CMC color spaces with the following settings
    – Illuminant Type: A, C, D, F
    – Observer Degree : 2° and 10°
    – Color perception index developed specifically for solar filters (P.I.)
Data Report *.xls, *.pdf, *
Print Report Yes, using Excel or PDF file
Language interface Multilingual ( English, Italian, French, Simplified Chinese already installed )
PC Backup USB stick containing the backup system (bootable system startup)

Solid & Gradient
Lens conformity check for SunLenses and SkiGoggles

Lens conformity check for SunLenses and SkiGoggles

Lens conformity check with LTR value for SunLenses and SkiGoggles

Lens conformity check for mounted SunGlasses and SkiGoggles

Color Matching
Lens colorimetric measurements

Digital Master
Create model for reference use

Color +
Advanced colorimetric control

Production Batch
Includes all the values calulated

LTR module
Luminous Transmittance Ratio – Includes Hardware and Software
Y-Z Smart Tool
Y, Z Axis Alignment Tool
Specialized Interchangeable Support for sunglasses testing and vertical alignment of glasses frames and masks
Laser pointer
Laser Pointer
Allows the user to precisely identify the height of the measure for the test of sunglasses
LSM module
LSM module
Interchangeable spare part
Smart Docking Platform
Support base for a better vertical position