Automated 360° Measurements for Smart_Projector

“With Smart_Rotating_Robot is now possible to measure a single item on different choosen angles“

The innovative Smart_Rotating_Robot is designed to extend the Smart_Projector’s range of application, allowing control quality check to cylindrical parts and any other item that needs to be examined on different projection planes at defined angles.

It is made of a special automated test plan inserted in the Smart_Projector’s measuring chamber and connected to the supplied pc through a dedicated Control Station. Smart_Rotating_Robot allows the operator to easily place in the test area the components such as bottles and vials in vertical.

The pieces are secured on a robotic rotation chuck system controlled by software and a dedicated control box. Results are instantly showed.

The integration of the Smart_Rotating_Robot in the Smart_Projector System grants maximum flexibility and reduces the time needed to control parts from different angles of views thanks to the automatic load of different programs for different views.

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