Calibrated Reference Light Panel for Lens Color Visual Inspection

“Smart, Compact, Fanless & Easy-to-Use Calibrated Reference Light Panel”

SunLight_Reference_Source is a D65 and D50 Calibrated Reference Light Panel with High / Adjustable Intensity, High Homogeneity and Stability of Light Source, UV-Free, IDEAL for Lens Color Visual Inspection.

SunLight_Reference_Source is Fanless and Static device with an internal Micro-controller system, that allows the implementation of advanced functions, on request.

SunLight_Reference_Source is Easy-to-Use and available in Two Models, specifically designed to maximize the light uniformity in any industrial and labs environment!

Calibrated light source D65 and D50 Objective color visual evaluation
Selectable / Adjustable intensity light source Unique device for light and dark lenses analysis
Warming up marker The control system indicates when the light source is ready to use
Internal Micro-controller system Possibility of future advanced functions implementations
High quality and stability of led source High fidelity in color reproduction
Fanless static device No maintenance required
Two models Available Compact & Large
Invented & Designed by SmartVision Based on many years of experience in industrial field and lab
100% Made in Italy High Level of Quality and Innovation
Model Compact Large
Working Area (mm) 210×130 210×210
Dimensions (mm) 270×170 H.70 250×250 H.105
Weight (kg) 0,90 2,40
Power Consumption 3 A (12 Vdc Included) 5 A (12 Vdc Included)
Power Supply 110-240 Vac | 50-60 Hz
Selectable Source D65 and/or D50 (Adjustable Light Intensity)
Case Black Opaque painted Aluminum
Reach Excellence in Quality Control with SmartVision’s Technology!