Automation Features for SmartVision Instruments

“A complete solution for automated Quality Control Process”

Smart_Automation_Suite is a Hardware-Software combination that includes an integrated I/O Module and a dedicated software. It allows to manage the Automatic Measuring System functions through the automation of the production process.

With Smart_Automation_Suite an Automatic Feeding of the SmartVision Instruments can be performed. Moreover, after being analysed, based on « Pass / Fail » output, a sample may be placed in « Good / Bad » collecting area.

  • Record and Dimension filtering
  • Control charts
  • Process capability charts
  • Attribute charts
  • Ability to print PDF and email reports
  • Built-in report designer
  • Remote Real-Time monitoring
  • Multiple database grouping
  • Built-in password protection
Reach Excellence in Quality Control with SmartVision’s Technology!