Measure Wire insulation samples according to Standards

“Smart_Wire_Measurement optional Software allows to determine the Number of Strands in a Wire”

Thanks to the Smart_Wire_Measurement insulation tool for Easy_Projector & Smart_Projector it is possible to determine the number of strands in a wire automatically, as well as manually select the appropriate figure.

The Wire Insulation Measurement function calculates the absolute minimum distance between the outer “blob” of the insulation profile and the inner “blob” of the insulation profile. Once this minimum distance is determined, the system breaks the diameter of the insulation into six 60 degrees segments, based on the minimum distance at 0 degrees. The minimum distance between the inner and outer “blobs” is determined from within each of these 60 degrees segments. This mechanism is used when there is a single strand on the inside lobe (like in a simple gasket), or there are 6 or more lobes or wire strands.

  • Automatic: by selecting the “Auto Strand” button and clicking on an edge of the insulation sample, the System determines the number of strands automatically.
  • Fixed-Strands Measurement: when the wire sections is blurry the number of strands can be manually specified by choosing one of six different strand count selections.
  • Distance Results Mode: if the “Distances Mode” button is enabled, the Software automatically displays and creates every distance between strands and edges during the regular insulation measurement. It also determines the minimum, maximum and average distance between strands and edges within the insulation profile.