Nuovo Software per produttori di Lenti e Maschere da Sole e da Sci

Pacchetto Software Avanzato per il Settore Ottico

The New Smart_Premium_Suite is an advanced software for SmartVision spectrophotometers, it is specifically developed and optimized for SunGlasses and SunLenses quality controls. The new improved interface is designed to better ensure the usability by the operator and the modern development language guarantees long term support.

Smart_Premium_Suite can check the transmittance properties according to all updated International Standards and the Color Differences compared to a master lens. The brand new features such us Lamps Warm-up Dynamic Control, Continuous Auto-Calibration and Spectrum Stability Continuos Control ensure fast measurements and accuracy (1 second only).

The innovative improved interface through a special dedicated visual help allows any unskilled worker to perform easily a conformity check. Smart_Premium_Suite is also suitable to perform tests on Masks, Goggles and mounted SunGlasses.

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  • User Friendly Interface
  • Extended User Management
  • New Diagnostic Controls
  • New Color + Function
  • Continuous Auto-Calibration
  • Suitable for SmartVision spectrophotometer

Processor i3 3 GHz Haswell technology
500 GB HD
Video card Direct3D DirectX 11.0 True Color minimum resolution 1920×1080 px.
Monitor Full HD Touch-screen
OS Microsoft Windows 7/8/9/10 – 32/64 bit

Solid & Gradient
Lens conformity check for SunLenses and SkiGoggles

Lens conformity check for SunLenses and SkiGoggles

Lens conformity check with LTR value for SunLenses and SkiGoggles

Lens conformity check for mounted SunGlasses and SkiGoggles

Color Matching
Lens colorimetric measurements

Digital Master
Create model for reference use

Color +
Advanced colorimetric control

Production Batch
Includes all the values calulated