Strumento ad alte prestazioni per il Controllo Qualità della Forma di Maschere e Lenti

“Proiettore di Profili Veloce e Automatico, specificamente progettato per Controllare la Forma e le Dimensioni di Lenti, Montature, Maschere, Visiere, Cerniere e Aste degli occhiali”

Smart_Shape_Premium è disponibile in due modelli ed effettua misurazioni dimensionali oggettive e ripetibili di alta precisione e controlla la forma di Lenti, Montature, Maschere, Visiere, Cerniere e Aste di occhiali.

Lo strumento, in pochi secondi, fornisce all’utilizzatore una risposta tramite un segnale visivo «Buono / Scarto», inoltre alimenta automaticamente un database con tutti i dati raccolti, riducendo tempi e costi dei controlli.

Con Smart_Profile_Matching, una funzionalità avanzata di controllo automatico del profilo, Smart_Shape_Premium può confrontare i campioni con un master DXF. Le applicazioni standard includono Lenti, Montature, Maschere e Visiere.
Smart_Shape_Premium può eseguire automaticamente l’Analisi Geometrica e Dimensionale della sezione:
● Lunghezza perimetrale della lente
● Lunghezza asse A / B
● Analisi forma perimetrale

Smart_Shape_Premium elimina una volta per tutte l’incertezza di valutazione dovuta agli strumenti tradizionali, come proiettori di profili e calibri, consente di migliorare il processo di controllo della bordatura delle lenti e facilita inoltre il controllo statistico del processo (SPC).
L’intuitivo software garantisce una valutazione completamente automatica e crea report di tutte le attività di controllo in file Excel, PDF, in immagine compatibili, e pronti per la stampa.

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Main Features Related Benefits
Optical contactless system Objective measurement
Independent from operator’s skills
Increase the quality of controls
Specifically designed for lenses, frames, masks, visors, hinges, rods, etc.
Protected analysis chamber No external light nor dust influence
Easy sample positioning
Static equipment, without moving parts Mainteinance free
No need for re-calibration
Accuracy independent from sample’s dimension
No need of manual collimation, nor focus
Rugged, Compact & Fanless Can be used in any industrial environment
Can be used in a lab
Save space on site
Flexible measuring software Possibility to measure a, b and perimeter even for non-circular lenses
Slots, holes and loops are promptly detected
Further measurements can be added in an existing program
User-defined parameters and process-related dimensions are gaugable
Full automatic reporting No mistakes in transcription,
Time-saving in creating reports
Continuous database feeding
Telecentric optics High contrast images
No distortion
No perspective effects caused by inappropriate positioning
Less sensitive to samples’ curvature
Fixed FoV Accuracy independent from sample’s dimension
Faster measurements
Pattern recognition Accepts random positioning of the part
Multiple parts can be analysed at once
Prevents the operator from using the wrong program
Smart_Profile_Matching Automatic Profile Fit
Master Creation from physical samples or DXF
Optimal for Reverse Engineering
Profile matching between current and master shape
Smart_Mirror Symmetric samples can be checked using one program
Ideal for controlling lenses and similar products
Smart support No need of expensive on-site service
Available Support in short time in all the World by TeamViewer app
Online operator training
Easy setup of SW updates and upgrades
External PC with Win10 Pro Worldwide known Windows environment eases operator’s approach
If SW/HW problems no need to open the instrument,only send the PC
Made in Italy High Level of Quality and Innovation
Available Models Smart_Shape_Premium Smart_Shape_Premium XXL
Field of View3 (FoV) (mm) 168×113 200×150
FoV Type Rectangular with vignetting Rectangular with vignetting
FoV Diagonal (mm) 195 250
FoV Area (mm2) 18500 30000
Measuring Chamber5 (mm) 250×330 H.405 419×456 H.475
Repeatability4 ±1.5 μm ±5 μm
Accuracy4 ±8 μm ±20 μm
Diascopic Light1 Directional Directional
Layout Vertical Vertical
Light receiving lens Telecentric lens Telecentric lens
Dimensions (mm) 335×380 H.1255 685×510 H.1813
Weight (kg) 40 140

1 Diascopic Light: Standard Directional led backlight.
3 Standard models – other custom FoV available on request.
4 Precision of measurement (±μm) of a line, obtained measuring a specific calibration target located approximately in FoV center, best
focus position, at 25° C ±1°.
5 The dimensions of the measuring chamber are not the dimensions of the Field of View, therefore they have not to be considered as test area.

Operation ambient °C +10 to +40°C
Power supply 110-240 Vac | 50-60 Hz
Consumption 2 A
Measurement points 16000 features max
Pattern search XYѲ (accepts random positioning)
Tolerance Angle, angularity, area, circumference, concentricity, diameter, flatness, form, length, parallelism, perpendicularity,
radius, roundness, runout, straightness, symmetry, true position, width, XY position.
SmartVision PC Device Powerful All-in-One PC, FULL HD touchscreen, Monitor resolution 1920×1080, Windows 10 PRO 64-bit
Statistical Analysis Ready to connect with SPC software
CAD export dxf file with nominal values and tolerance
CAD import dxf file for profile match, nominal values and tolerance
Data Report xlsx, csv, tsv, txt
Print Report Windows installed Printer (optional pdf), xps
User account control Supervisor, Users 1 to 20 (with password login and editable rights)
Multi language interface English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Czech, Romanian.
All languages are editable.

• Multi touch-screen software
• Automatic feature recognition

• Automatic data report

Soluzione Completa per un Controllo Qualità Automatizzato

Un programma per controllare due campioni simmetrici