Smart_Color Auto

Smart_Color Auto


“Smart_Color Auto可以为汽车工业提供全自动、客观的、快速的、简单的判定颜色差别,符合国际标准符合性测试。”

Smart_Color Auto 是唯一一款专业用于汽车行业的汽车灯塑料制品、带有颜色的半透明塑料制品或玻璃制品分光光度计,经过独特的专业设计和优化,适合各种透明度项目的检测。

Smart_Color Auto 可以在1秒钟内,根据所有的国际标准,检测透明度属性,并可以和标准的原始镜头对比颜色差别。简单的合格/不合格信号输出,不需要任何的人为干预,就可以完成快速检测


Smart_Color Auto 是一款快速的、紧凑的、稳定的、高精度的、操作及其简单的测量仪器,适合于恶劣的工业生产环境及繁重的检测任务,适合于没有任何经验的员工适用。

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  • UV 适合于所有可视广谱范围
  • 颜色差异测试
  • 用于新产品的开发
  • 可生成全面地、全自动的报告
  • 不需具有视觉控制专业知识的操作员,消除了主观干扰
  • 可以增加检测项目,并作SPC统计
  • 提高了来料或出厂质量控制能力,检测项目清晰明了
  • 减少了质量控制成本和控制时间
Different set of settings color differences tolerances settings for any color and customer
Digital Color-Master Item Reference Management (Read, Save & Name, Load Model)
Pointing-out the reason of a fail item
One shot color analysis
 Spectrum diagram
Display Color difference diagram
Display of transmittance curve
Full automatic Technical Data Sheet (Color report) reports on PDF or USB printer (optional)
 Spectral transmittance values file output
Spectral transmittance values file input
Full automatic Production Batch in Excel file
Continue and automatic calibration
Embedded Remote assistance function
PC Device Touch Screen AIO HD
Dimensions (mm) 570 x 160 x 110 mm ( lateral knobs included )
Power supply 110/230 VAC | 50/60 Hz | 2A (12 Vcc Included)
Communication interface USB 2.0
Case Black Anodized Aluminium Case
Weight 6 Kg
Technical Specification • Complete check of color diff erences ΔE, L*, a*, b*
• CIELAB 1976, CIELAB 1994, CIELAB 2000, CMC
color spaces
• A, C, D, F, light sources
• 2° and 10° degrees of observation
• Check cycle and full report output in less than 1
• Q factors.
• Measurement range 280 – 780 nm.
Data Report *.xls, *.pdf, *
Print Report Yes, using Excel or PDF file
Language interface English
PC Backup USB stick containing the backup system (bootable system startup)

New Generation Software:

• Easy to use intuitive graphic user interface

• Photocromic conformity check

• Transmittance conformity check