Easy_Tester_Premium: Automatic Industrial Uniformity Tester


Automatic Industrial Uniformity Tester according to ISO 12312-1 & EN 174-2001

“Easy_Tester_Premium allows a complete uniformity check for SunLenses, SunGlasses, Masks and SkiGoggles”

Easy_Tester is the exclusive instrument that performs a complete uniformity check of SunLenses without frame, SunGlasses, Masks and SkiGoogles according to ISO 12312-1:2013 / Amd.1:2015 plus SkiGoggles according to EN 174-2001.
Easy_Tester controls the whole test area, in a few seconds, without any mechanical movement or adjustment, avoiding operator’s interpretation and influence.

The spectacles are placed into a structure that simulates a reference headform. While watching the real-time video streaming coming from the internal camera, the operator can control the alignment
and visually check the gradient pattern orientation.
It is possible to examine relative differences in position and inclination between the filters. No mechanical setup is required. Easy_Tester software provides the offset of the points measurement matrices
“Big Head” and “Small Head”.

Its intuitive touch screen user-interface makes Easy_Tester easy-touse even for unskilled workers. The machine is perfect for massive production quality inspection, close to the line control and incoming review.

This Uniformity Tester provides accurate and repeatable measurements and outputs a simple « Pass / Fail » lamp showing a complete result screen view. The results can be print or exported in excel and pdf files.

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  • Easy access: test area with a practical upper sliding door and closing sensor for direct light protection
  • Big Head and Small Head: two interchangeable frame support types to allow tests on both glasses sizes
  • LED Smart_Bar: it changes its color according to operations and guides the user
  • Efficiency: Compact, Plug-and-Play, well-designed and highly efficient Uniformity Tester machine
  • User-friendly Interface: Easy selection of Automatic or Manual filter category
  • Easy-to-use: Configurable matrices (dimension and position) and possibility to save models
  • Foolproof: Report result with « Pass / Fail » lamp and Filter category indication
  • Sharing results: Excel and PDF data reports with complete info on performed tests
Automatic transmittance uniformity measurement
Automatic filters category detection or category check if manually filled
Automatic transmittance relative error evaluation
Measurements according to the ISO 12312-1:2013 / Amd.1:2015 and EN 174-2001 for SkiGoggles
Live-view of whole spectacle, for accurate frame positioning and gradient lens defects visualization
“Small head” and “Big head” software setup, avoiding mechanical arrangement for SunGlasses
Only Left and Only Right lens analysis (available for SunLanses mode)
Square – Round Shape measuring pattern shape
Displays absolute transmittance in reference points
Simultaneous measurement of 20 points, into 2 matrices of 9 points each and 2 references
Reference values for the test which is going to be performed
Easy modelling of the matrices and reference points in position and dimension
Overlay 5mm step grid visualization, to help the frame alignment
Software tool allows to measure distance between any two points into the displayed area
Software tool allows to change the light intensity in order to enhance the frame position view
Displayed report with result summary exportable in Excel of PDF files
Highlight of points out of tolerance
Possibility to add variable production data and additional extra information to the final report
Real-time “ Pass / Fail ” lamp and overview report
Continuous autocalibration and status diagnosis
Colored Message Toolbar synchronized with Smart-Bar
Full automatic Production Batch in Excel file
Spectacles image export for quality rough control
Panel closing sensor to avoid wrong measurements caused by external light
Dimensions (mm) 750 x 290 x 213 mm ( lateral knobs & upper door handle included )
Weight (kg) 13 kg (excluding PC)
Operation ambient +10° to +40° C
Storage temperature -20° to 60° C
Relative humidity < 80%
Power supply 110/230 VAC | 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 2 A
Communication interface USB 3.0
Case Black Opaque painted Anodized Aluminum Case
PC minimum requirements Processor i3 3 GHz Haswell technology, 8GB RAM, 500 GB HD, Video card Direct3D DirectX 11.0
True Color minimum resolution 1920×1080 px, External I/O ports USB 3.0
Monitor Full HD Touch-screen. OS Microsoft Windows 10 with Framework .NET 4.5.2
SmartVision PC Device Powerful All-In-One touch screen FULL HD PC with Windows 10 PRO 64-bit, monitor resolution 1920×1080
PC Backup USB stick containing the backup system (bootable system startup)
Interface Language English
Data Report xlsx, xls, pdf
Print Report Windows installed Printer (optional pdf), xps
Easy_Tester User-frendly interface

User-friendly Interface
Easy selection of Automatic or Manual filter category.

Easy_Tester Configurable matrices

Configurable matrices (dimension and position) and possibility to Save Models.

Easy_Tester Foolproof

Report result with « Pass / Fail » lamp and Filter category indication.

Easy_Tester sharing results

Sharing results
Excel and PDF data reports with complete info on performed tests.